We thrive on helping you create powerful legal marketing videos that showcase your expertise, connect you with your ideal clients, and grow your law practice.

We love seeing lawyers on camera. And so do other people.

 (How else can can you explain the plethora of legal TV shows?)

Creating videos that convince and convert is what we’re great at. Our lawyer-run team combines a unique understanding of the legal profession with skilled knowledge of video editing and marketing.

We're so glad you're here.
Here's how we can help.
We take the time to get to know you, your firm, and your growth objectives, while gathering insight into your ideal clients. Understanding who you are and what you stand for helps us create more powerful videos to tell your brand story.
Our favorite part is getting to work with you closely during filming. We will meet you at your location*, we’ll bring the equipment and expertise, you just bring your charm and knowledge of the law.

*Geographical restrictions may apply

This is where the magic happens! We go through your footage and smooth our wrinkles, adding graphics, music, and most importantly, a powerful Call-to-Action
Search and Performance
Clients are searching online for you. We help you get discovered by placing your videos in the right place to be found by your ideal clients. We put your videos to work for you with effective video search optimization and management.
Audit and Results
We analyze the results, we monitor the numbers, and we scrutinize the data all in an effort to find out what works and do more of it.
If getting noticed and growing your practice is your thing, we can help with that
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