I speak with many lawyers who feel a bit lost when it comes to planning and creating their videos. They understand that it’s smart to have videos as part of their overall marketing campaigns but they’re not quite sure how to approach it. What should they talk about? How long should the videos be? Do the videos make sense when taken as a whole?

It’s totally understandable to feel overwhelmed. Content creation can feel that way sometimes. But being someone who likes to plan, I’ve come to learn that every seemingly overwhelming project can become manageable once it’s broken down into digestible pieces.

Before we go any further, I want to make sure we’re both working under the same assumptions (although I realize what they say about assuming….). This post assumes a few things:

  • That you’re interested in creating videos to help you market your law practice and position yourself as the go-to expert in your field (I’m not going to convince you of the importance of videos for marketing yourself)
  • That you have a clear understanding of your brand and what you want to become known for
  • The type of videos you’re interested in creating are the Legal “How-To” or explainer videos
  • These videos are part of an overall strategy of some sort
  • That you’re planning on creating 1 video a week

Alright, let’s dive into my approach to planning out at least three months’ worth of legal video content in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Take a step back and look at the next three months as a whole
  • Take out a calendar, open Google calendar, whatever you need to do to visualize the next 3 months.
  • Try to note any major holidays, events, or community happenings that affect your ideal client (you know, the one you’re trying to attract with your video in the first place). For example, if you’re a Family Law attorney, what is likely to be happening to your clients in the next 3 months? If it’s summertime, are there a lot of weddings happening (and thus, a lot of prenuptial agreements). If it’s in the winter time, are the holidays affecting the children of your clients (i.e. custday and visitation comes into play?).
  • After you’re done listing all the of the major events happening over the next 3 months, try to uncover any common themes or similarities between the events happening.
  • Ask yourself: What is one major category that you can address over the course of 3 months? For example, if you are a business law attorney, you can decide that contracts are what you’d like to address over the next 3 months. Perfect: contracts is the major topic guiding your content creation efforts for the next 3 months.
  • Once you’ve figured out what your overall 3-month topic of discussion is going to be based on what’s happening in your ideal client’s world and yours, move on to step 2.
Step 2: Then you’re going to break down each month individually 

Take your chosen theme/concept for the 3 months and begin to break it down individually by each month. Here’s what it should look like:

  • Month 1: sub-category 1 – 4 videos – 4 topics
  • Month 2: sub-category 2 – 4 videos – 4 topics
  • Month 3: sub-category 3 – 4 videos – 4 topics


Family Law 3 month theme/concept: Support (spousal and child)

Month 1: Spousal support

  • Week 1: what is it?
  • Week 2: how is it calculated?
  • Week 3: what are tax implications?
  • Week 4: how long must it be paid for? case study

Month 2: Child support

  • Week 1: what is it?
  • Week 2: how is it calculated?
  • Week 3: what are the tax implications?
  • Week 4: [case study/story]

Month 3: Modification

  • Week 1: what is modification?
  • Week 2:  Who can ask for a modification?
  • Week 3: what is a “change in circumstances?”
  • Week 4: [case study/news story]
Step 3: Arrange and Rearrange

Now that you have 12 different topics listed for the weeks, you’re going to plug them into the calendar on the days that you’d like to release/publish your videos. If you decide you’d like to publish a new video every Monday, then start plugging in the topics into each Monday for the next 3 months.

Arrange and rearrange based on your order of preference.

And there you have it. You’ve easily come up with 12 videos, 3 months’ worth of video content just by thinking about one category and breaking it down into manageable bite-sizes.

If you find yourself getting stuck when trying to come up with engaging topic ideas, below are some resources to help you come up with ideas.

Where to find topics when your creative juices are running low?

Start with your very own clients. What are some FAQ’s that you receive often? Think about the inquiries you receive from people who come in for consultations. What are common questions you find yourself answering often. That’s usually a great indication that people are interested in a specific topic.

Google Keyword planner – Use good ‘ol Google to search popular terms and keywords around your topic.

Buzzsumo, Feedly, and Flipboard are all great websites to help you discover popular articles

Newsjacking – look to current events, pop culture, and the news to see if there are any relevant stories you can use. Using current events and adding your legal twist to it will help you create content that’s timely and interesting.

If you’d like to discuss your very own 3-month video marketing campaign, please feel free to call us at (323) 813-8271 or email at hello[at]abboudmedia[dot]com