I know it’s not natural or comfortable for lawyers to want to be in front of the camera. It’s not something we’re taught in law school. But with more consumers turning to YouTube and online video for answers to their legal problems, it’s important that you start meeting your prospective clients where they are.

In this video, I discuss the #1 pushback I receive when I tell lawyers they need to be creating videos.

Can you guess what that #1 reply is?

Fear of judgment!

Lawyers fear that if they start making videos, people are going to judge them on how they look. Well, I want to help you get over that fear because there’s no room for that when you’re trying to build a thriving business.

Instead of focusing on that fear of judgment, focus on your message instead. Think about what it is you want to say and how it is you’re going to say it. The information you’re sharing in your videos is far more important than how you look in those videos. Something else to focus on instead of your looks is your audience members. After all, the reason you want to create videos in the first place is to help your viewers. Keep your focus on those who are receiving what you’re putting out there. That should help keep you grounded.

Remember: You need to be the face of your law practice. It’s only when you start creating videos and sharing what you know that prospective clients will begin to find you.