Whenever I hit “publish” on a new video or podcast, I like to sit back and think about how far that particular piece of content is going to reach. I picture my recordings traveling all over the world, entering the homes of people I’ve never met before (not in a creepy way or anything!), and being consumed by people who will find them to be motivational and informative. I think about all the hard work my content is putting in, all while I sit comfortably in my office working.

That is how I want you to think of your content. Whether you’re writing a legal blog, recording legal how-to videos, or hosting a weekly legal podcast, I want you to put your content to work for you. Let your content represent you and network on your behalf when you’re not able to (because, you know, you’re out there being a lawyer!) Think of your content as your brand ambassador: it will connect you with potential clients, it will help people remember you, and it will familiarize other with what you do.

So how can your content do this? How can you ensure your videos and podcasts are out there representing you well and building relationships on your behalf?

Just create good, valuable content. That’s all. Answer questions that viewers have. Record episodes that address a legal issue that people are searching for. Make sure you are showcasing your personality in everything that you do. That way, when a viewer or listener comes across your content, they’ll feel like they’ve met you in person.

If you’d like to discuss how you can create brand ambassadors out of your content, please feel free to call us at (323) 813-8271 or email at hello[at]abboudmedia[dot]com