Who We Are

Abboud Media is a modern video marketing and podcasting agency driving creativity in the legal profession with a focus on connecting lawyer + client.

We've been recognized by the American Bar Association

    Our Mission

    We’re on a mission to improve the way lawyers and clients connect.
    We think lawyers are fabulous and do a lot of good in this world. We’re honored to be able to shine a light on the positive contributions of lawyers to society.
    At Abboud Media, we believe that in order for people to Know, Like, and Trust you, they must see your face or hear your voice. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of videos and audio (podcasts) in humanizing lawyers and allowing them to connect better with their prospective and current clients.

    Our Culture

    Abboud Media’s culture thrives on the diverse experiences and backgrounds of our members and clients. We welcome the quirky, embrace the weird, and root for the underdog. We started off small and maintain that agile and humble mentality in all that we do. With that said, we’re out to shake up legal marketing and usher in a new era where lawyers feel uninhibited and imaginative when it comes to business development, marketing, and relationship building.
    We hold an unwavering belief that the success of the legal profession as a whole rests on the efforts of lawyers helping other lawyers. We are committed to hiring lawyers and donating a percentage of our yearly profits to the advancement of the legal profession.

    Our Team Leader – Nicole Abboud

    After practicing law for 5 years, Nicole decided to un-hang her shingle and launch Abboud Media. Now, she combines her understanding of the legal profession with her knowledge of content marketing to help lawyers build their brands and practices. During her time as a lawyer, Nicole immersed herself in the marketing, branding, and business development side of her legal practice. She quickly discovered that she was much more interested in working with lawyers rather than against them.
    In 2015, Nicole dove deep into content marketing and branding with the launch of her podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer, which was awarded with a spot on the ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs of 2016.The GWL Podcast showcases the stories of fellow lawyers who are taking a chance on themselves and their careers by practicing on their own terms.
    The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast has also been featured in the ABA Journal and The Daily Journal.
    In 2016, Nicole launched her YouTube channel, where she provides helpful tips about business development and branding.
    For fun, Nicole enjoys podcasting (not surprisingly!), running, and eating.